1. whirrband:

    New song premier on noisey. Tour starts Saturday in San Francisco. Be there or be a bumberclat.

  3. We are involved in a wonderful feature at @vmagazine @vman with text from the always brilliant @patriksandbergvevo (😘) and photos by the legendary Hedi Slimane. Check it out here http://vmagazine.com/site/content/2944/loud-nothing #bandofnothing #vmag #hedislimane

  4. Have a couple shows this weekend. @MLIWofficial @deathwishinc @themenzingers @ManOverboardNJ


  5. Anonymous said: Is there actually a Whirr/Nothing split 7" being released or is this just folklore?!


    There is not a whirr / nothing split 7” being released.

  6. @thefader had us talk about what we were reading on our last tour.

  7. GUN TRILOGY GAT STRATEGY @lowbeezy @grotzyversace @ski_mask holdin it down at @voyeurphilly

  8. SHOW NO MERCY @leespielman @jjcrowmag #afropunkfest

  9. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD @finallevel #bodycount

  10. nickdinatale:

    Nothing // San Francisco, CA

    ft. wearenothing , relapserecords

  11. notes from the night that never ended #tbt 2001 thanks @beckadiamond

  12. singintothecomputer @jaredandpetey
    All done guys.

  13. Only a few of these laying around. Perfect Monday purchase. coldcutsmerch.com/nothing

  14. singintothecomputer:


    whirl and nothing haven’t been getting there work done there just been pushing a delay pedal and being in a big car and hurting gramma lucy nice try boys get your butt over here i think what you shoe gaze troubel makers need is a good ol fashened YARD WORK CONNTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so heres the rulles

    Whirr and nothig have to get as much yard work done as they can to prove there big strong boys that can help there grammas and be nice and grate workers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here s what these boys have to do by tues day to win the contest

    1. get all the leafs
    2. the chicken has to come in
    3. they better go dig
    4. give jarred and pettey a holler
    5. water gramma lucys garden that she gave to uncle jim has now 
    6. paint angry picsure of gorge 3 on the fence to scare the boatanaist!!!
    7. clean Jerry mccorys muddy foot prints off the tile gosh jerry get a grip
    8. Mow gramma lucy lawn 
    9. Cook a   emormous chicken tid bit tarnish dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. you can take the brake now il tell you what
    11. Get all the leafs 
    12. pick out a grate dress for melissa nablers big day
    13. Wash all of jarred and peteys long  jons they are dirty 

    If you dont get your chores done you have to go dig if  you get all of them  done  with a good additude then you can come to calvin sheilds birthday on tues day where only the big shoe gaze boys are aloud to play!!!!!!! ok????????

    When your done with all your work whirl and nothign have to tell us and PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ON YOUR MARK GET STEADY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You got it you pricks

  15. Trying to explain to @trinidadjamesgg how weird it is that there are two twins behind us smoking blunts lol. Photo by @eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but where @ski_mask