1. MADE OF STONE @ceremony @ianbrowncouk #bandofnothing SOLD OUT LA round 2

  2. Broken Thumb. No Problem.


  4. TUSCON - 7/31 photo by @paradeofflesh

  5. was a terror since the prehistoric era #peewee #eat

  6. Tonight #Tucson
    @ceremony & @BandofNOTHING
    w/ @TheCoathangers, Man Bites Dog, & Get A Grip
    7pm / $14 / All Ages http://t.co/KgN7ELc3qL

  7. #downwardyearstocome v2 available for preorder at midnight tonight at @a389recordings featuring 2 unreleased tracks. Hand seen faux leather sleeve optional.

  8. #tbt The time me and Ross invaded @borisheavyrocks private greenroom for photo op. @ceremony @rossfarrarts

  9. LOS ANGELES @ceremony #dangers #upset @Goldenvoice @TheRoxy @FYFFEST flyer by the great @m.bellosi

  10. Tonight. El Paso. @ceremony

  11. WE PLAY N💣W

  12. Due to some shitty time constraints and more bad luck we won’t be able to make the in store at @waterloorecords unfortunately. So bummed and truly sorry. Next time.

  13. Tonight at the @mohawkaustin @ceremony @borisheavyrocks 7pm

  14. Today at @waterloorecords 5 Pm

  15. AW SHOOT. We laced up the bully on his (early)bday at a rest stop in Palestine. #nickbassett #whirr @ski_mask @eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @kylekimball88