1. SUCK SUCK JACKIE SUCK - TONiGHT. Come party DALLAS @justin_toguys and all my dudes

  2. SEX BEAT @thecoathangers 👏

  3. ✌️Out Austin
    #sxsw thanks Photo by @shawnscallen

  4. FOUR HEADED DOG @rokyericksontm 😍

  5. Back 2 The Future @1future

  6. @thefader sorry for throwing my guitar. Thanks for not kick me out.
    xx Nicky

  7. VERY @thefader

  8. That’s what’s up @vice @noisey Magazine putting #guiltyofeverything as Albummout of the month 💙

  9. Tossing axes and knives with @futureislands and @sosoglos for a @rollingstone feature #sxsw14

  10. Bridge Over Troubled Water #sxsw14 thanks @jackpotplus @meredithxgraves and gang also #excult 😘 best show. xx

  11. By the way, you may have missed this #sxsw14 #perfectpussy (at Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge)


  12. Anonymous asked: Yo I missed you guys at the thrasher showcase, are y'all playing any none 21+ shows Friday or Saturday?

    Tonight. South Lamar Pedestrian Bridge!

  13. I couldn’t get it right. Tonight.

  14. This at 11… @relapserecords

  15. Today at 4 and then….. @runforcover