1. Bridge Over Troubled Water #sxsw14 thanks @jackpotplus @meredithxgraves and gang also #excult 😘 best show. xx

  2. By the way, you may have missed this #sxsw14 #perfectpussy (at Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge)


  3. Anonymous asked: Yo I missed you guys at the thrasher showcase, are y'all playing any none 21+ shows Friday or Saturday?

    Tonight. South Lamar Pedestrian Bridge!

  4. I couldn’t get it right. Tonight.

  5. This at 11… @relapserecords

  6. Today at 4 and then….. @runforcover

  7. Our pal Lukas partied with us for a few days on this tour until he got sick of us and left us in North Carolina, then he wrote a nice piece about it and took some nice photos. xx @lukashodge


  8. Yesterday we drove deep down into the Bayous of Louisiana so we could grab a beer with Rust Cohle, but he wasn’t bartending. 😖 #truedetective

  9. Tonight. New Orleans.


  10. lefthandvow:

    Philadelphia’s NOTHING have been slowly breaking hearts throughout the US for some time now with a low-fi yet eclectic mix of romantically dark, whispering vocals and explosive, guitar fuzz.

    On their debut full length “Guilty Of Everything”, produced and recorded by Jeff Zeigler (Grooms,…

  11. Secondly. Thanks Alabama👽🔫

  12. Two things. First Off. This is fucking weird. #entertainmentweekly but Atleast the description of the band makes sense. Ahem.

  13. Number 1 purchased Alternative LP on #bandcamp Thanks Again Everyone

  14. henj:

    band of nothing/guilty of everything 


    (via wearenothing)

  15. alvincarrillo: